About Us

Rapidjoint is an Australian owned and operated company which is developing and manufacturing an innovative range of joinery connectors aimed at making it easier to create the more complex cabinetry demanded by today’s kitchen design trends.

The Rapidjoint connector can be adjusted at 90 degrees to the axis of the join, thanks to its bevel gear arrangement. The RJ2 pre-install assembly is easily fitted by a postformed top manufacturer, and for kitchen installers, fitting a masons mitre has never been easier. On site the installer simply uses the driver drill (Phillips head, flat head or 4mm Allan key), reverses the connector into place, flicks the drill into forward and tightens the join.

Also available from Rapidjoint is the RJ1 - with a range of attachments available this general purpose connector is suitable for many applications such as joining staircase handrail, scrolls, and stringers.

Rapidjoint can also supply all the tools required for the installation of its Rapidjoiners, such as driver bits, router bits, forstner bits, and a specially designed high quality polyurethane adhesive.