RJ1 Bench Connector

The RJ1 can be used in many applications, below is one example of a bench top or work top being clamped together. The ease of use is the main advantage with the RJ1, push it into place and it holds itself securely. Then just tighten it with the tool that's always nearby - the battery screwdriver. Remember a phillips head, flat head or 4mm Allan key will do the job also!


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RJ1 Rail Application

The RJ1 is the fastest and easiest way to make secure joins in many applications.

This example is a rail to rail application, any join or joint which needs to be of high strength, is now also able to be achieved at high speed!

Using the tools you have on hand you can tighten or loosen the RJ1. A 4mm Allan key, phillips head or flat head screwdriver all fit effortlessly!

Drilling is simple using a 22mm spade bit for the housing and a 10mm bit for the through, or connecting hole. This can be done in the factory or on site, if the holes are pre-drilled in the factory the joint can be made in a number of seconds! And you won't be fumbling in the bottom of the toolbox for a special tool to tighten or loosen, just grasp your driver drill and the jobs done!


RJ2 Bench Connector

The RJ2 is the specialist bench or work top connector. The ease of use unrivalled, because the installer never has to touch the connector with his/her hands, the RJ2 is pre-installed at fabrication and it unique patented design holds itself securely under the surface until the time comes when the installer is ready to assemble the tops. By simply placing a driver drill into the specially designed recess the RJ2 head finds it way down the trench in the top and locates itself in the 22mm recess at the opposing side of the join or joint. The join or joint is then tightened by simply changing direction of the drill to bring the join together.

The RJ2 is tightened or loosened with a Phillips head, flat head screwdriver or 4mm Allan Key.


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Demostration Video

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